Embolism is out and in your ears. We hope you are enjoying it! 


We had a great time with Bearded Gentlemen Music. Check out the link below. 




You can now pre-order "Embolism" in three different formats (Transparent Blue Vinyl Record, Digipak CD, and Digital Downloads). Click the link below 

Tiny Tree - "Embolism" is now mastered and being lined up for vinyl pressing. Below you can see concept art for vinyl release. Date of release to be announced soon.  We would like to especially thank Mario Quintero from the band Spotlights (Ipecac Records) for his finishing touches on our vision. We truly believe "Embolism" is a journey. We can't wait for you to all experience it as we did.  More to come soon... Thank you all so much!



Thanks to all for an amazing 2019. Great things on the horizon for 2020. Have a great new year and see you soon. 



Keeping the info train going with you the TT fam!



Drums are all tracked and ready for the Riffmaster Addison Eilers to add his madness. All drums were recorded in Tiny Tree House studio on an analog TAC Scorpion mixer.  


Special thanks to INDe Drum for a drum set full of intense out of this world sound which we feel will really be relayed to the listener on this upcoming album. 


Guitar tracking begins this week on Thursday  10/24/19.


Final track order and final number of tracks are still being worked out but. 

Artwork for the record is about 50% completed. 


As always very much enjoyed our show in Grand Rapids this last week with our brothers in CROOKED HEART and being able to join them on stage for another PETER SCIENCE psychedelic  jam experience made the day perfect. 

Three more shows to finish out the year have now all been announced. We will be test driving some new material and sharing the stage with some amazing bands at all of these shows.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Remaining Shows are...

Nov 8 2019 - Ludington, MI with Barrel Bone

Nov 29 2019 - Grand Rapids, MI with Funeral Noise, Arvis, Bog Wizzard

Dec 27 2019 - Grand Rapids, MI with Abner, Easers, The Ooze and Ozz

Till next time...



Update Time... Cool Stuff

Has it really been since Feb? Oh well, We are busy guys. There are four more Tiny Tree shows coming up to close out the year. 3 have been announced and another will be shortly. 

We had a rocking of a good time at Pyramid Scheme with the Ipecac Recording Artists Spotlights and the amazing Vampyre. Good times all around! Much Love to all!

Recording is going well. Drum tracking is on the home stretch. Currently the album is looking to have 9 maybe 10 new Tiny Tree tunes, with the majority of these tracks running over 5 min. Artwork and distribution details are still in the works but expect to touch some vinyl soon. 

No out of state tour dates will be announced till after the record is complete. We absolutely enjoyed all of our shows over the last year and appreciate everyone for everything you have done to keep this tree growing.  We have some big plans for the future and can't wait to share it!

We still have some merchandise from our last Spring and Summer touring. Check it out and get it while you can at our band camp site.

Thanks again for all the support over the last year! See you all soon!!





Out and about....

Wow great people in Fort Wayne, IN. Had a great time playing at the rocking bar "The Ruin." Our buds in Crooked Heart are joining us on this rock n roll escape this time and boy did they really nail it last night. What a great way to kick off this run.

Tonight we are in Bloomington, IL at The Nightshop. This will be another wild one for sure. Can't wait....





"The Road" has arrived and is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and all other downloading and streaming services. 

We hope you enjoy the album and dive into the meanings and surround yourself with the soundscapes. 

Thank you all so very much for all your support in the last year and we look forward to many more releases and shows in the future.


Riffs & Thunder




This Friday 1/11/19 your ears will finally feast on "The Road" EP. Give it a listen and we hope you enjoy the ride when you do.

Writing "The Road" was quite journey. More details on that to come soon. 

This Saturday 1/12/19 we have a big show at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, MI. Hope to see everyone there.

In February we kidnap our brothers in music "Crooked Heart" and head out for some killer shows in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and back home in the mitten.

We are looking forward to getting back out on the road again. With that said plan to see a lot of shows this year and long runs on the east and west side of the country. 




Quick Update... 

Album is moving along very well. All drums and guitar parts are recorded and waiting Mr. Eilers magic mastering. IF... all goes well we hope to release to the masses the back half of December 2018. 

Working title of the debut album is "The Road"


11.9.18 - Lots of Things

Well here we go... More shows are currently being booked. The plan so far is head to the East Coast  and tour in the Spring followed by a Summer West Coast  tour. Then if all goes good and we are planning a major surprise for Fall of 2019. Get your passports ready!

As for additional music. We have been writing and recording now for what seems like forever. This Wednesday 11/14/18 some major  steps will be taken to help get out some more Tiny Tree ear candy. Additional details on that will follow soon. Until then make sure you stream or download "Lion and the Meteor" on iTunes or Spotify. 

Both Addison and I would like to thank everyone that came out to all the great venues during the 2018 Fall Invasion Tour. It was extremely enjoyable sharing our music for you all and we hope to see you all again soon.

More To Come....




9.18.18 - 20 Days

T-minus 20 days till "riffs" and I hit the road on the 2018 Fall Invasion Tour. Tour stops  and dates this fall will be the following...

October 4th - Canton, OH

October 5th - Fort Wayne, IN

October 6th - Kalamazoo, MI

October 7th - South Bend, IN

October 9th - Raytown, MO

October 10th - La Crosse, WI

October 11th - Baudette, MN

October 13th - Iowa City, IA

October 14th - Bloomington, IL

October 15th - Detroit, MI

We look forward to seeing you all! 

We will have new merch available on this tour and maybe if the stars align correctly we will have a complete debut album release by Oct 2nd! *crossing fingers

See you on the other side...



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