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December 13, 2018

Debut single ‘Lion and the Meteor’ is out now.


Paul Jensen – Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Samples, 

Addison Eilers – Guitar, Bass, and Vocals.


Experimental rock


Michigan, United States.


Let me ask you a question. What do rock bands with two members sound like? Blues-rock rip off artists, right? Wrong.

Michigan’s Tiny Tree are here to buck the trend. They’re the outliers. Instead, they use their refined blast to explore a sound that is a hodgepodge of wonderful influences. There’s the expansive exploration of post-metal, the jittery anxiety of Radiohead, the soaring gravitas of post-rock, and the directness of alt-rock. And it’s all just two blokes.


Jamie Coughlan 




December 17th 2018

Tiny Tree’s ‘Lion and the Meteor’ Is Ambitious, Expansive Post Rock

Tiny Tree’s ‘Lion and the Meteor’ is an expansive, refined take on post rock. “Rooted in heavy metal and the post punk/hardcore aesthetic,” these guys say they rely “just as heavily on ambiance, atmosphere and tone as,” they do on “complexity and aggression.” The duo describes itself as, “not so much a band, per se, but as a sonic collective.  The two members make up a powerhouse with drummer Paul Jensen and riff master Addison Eilers.”


These two definitely have a strong idea of what the orthodoxies of post rock are and all that can be accomplished within them. The duo is unafraid to take its time in constructing and shaping the deep, immersive atmosphere they have going. Under that ambitious guise, a close listen will make the group’s ties to genres like stoner rock, doom metal and crust punk very clear. This is a strong track from a neat band. Check out ‘Lion and Meteor’ below!

Noah Zucker - Rock The Pigeon 







January 9th 2019

Tiny Tree's atmospheric heavier than Heaven sound on "Lion and The Meteor"

Lion and The Meteor by Michigan heavy rock duo Tiny Tree moves like a steady army of sound. Nicknamed Riffs and Thunder, Addison Eilers (Guitar, Bass and vocals) and Paul Jensen (Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Samples) dispense heavy rock walls of sound filtered with elements of noise rock, post punk and goth rock. Despite the big waves of bass, sonic swell of guitars and powerful dense drumming the boys leave room for beautiful, even elegant vocal melodies. Heavy on atmosphere, heavy on heaviness, a beautiful powerful storm of sounds.

Robb Donker





January 13th 2019

Lion and the Meteor - Tiny Tree



Tiny Tree – “Eine Zwei-Mann-Armee aus Riffs und Donner”, beschreibt sich das Duo aus Muskegon, Michigan selber und wenn man ihren neuen Song “Lion And The Meteor” anhört kann man dem nur zustimmen.

Paul Jensen und Addison Eilers sind im Grunde in einer Dreiecksbeziehung zwischen Heavy Metal, Post-Punk und Hardcore und eben diese Einflüsse lassen ihre Songs zu wahren musikalischen Kraftpaketen werden. Bis jetzt haben wir in der Diskografie der beiden Jungs keinen Song gefunden der auch nur ansatzweise schlaff oder lustlos daherkommt. Dynamik und Atmosphäre werden nicht nur beim vorgestellten Song an erste stelle gesetzt, sondern ebenso wird auf progressives Feedback, Mehrschichtigkeit und dicke, gewaltige Gitarrenakkorde gesetzt. Hinzu kommt noch der kraftvolle Gesang, die ebenso kraftvollen Tribal Drums und fertig ist ein Song der unter die Haut geht. Ebenso beinhaltet der Song die Eindeutige Aufforderung seine Musikanlage mal auf Herz und Nieren zu testen, ein Stück also, das unbedingt laut gehört werden muss um euch mit seiner kolossalen Wucht wie ein Wirbelwind an die Wand zu drücken. Eben die Art von Sound, die bleibenden Eindruck hinterlässt und den Wunsch aufkommen lässt das Duo mal live in Aktion zu sehen. Eine Live-Performance stellen wir uns gewaltig vor. Hört rein und genießt das Erlebnis wie Sound klingen kann.




January 14th 2019

Tiny Tree - The Road EP and The Lion and The Meteor

Tiny Tree may be a duo, but the power behind this group is undeniable when you hear this record and especially when you experience them live. I first met Addison Eilers when he engineered Earth Radio’s debut album, and his knowledge of sound, electronics, and gear was extensive. Then, I come to find out that Eilers works sound with Tiny Tree’s drummer, Paul Jensen, at Unruly Brewing in Muskegon, where he also owns and operates Rebel Pies. Somehow with all of the work they do, the thunderous post-rock duo found time to put together 3 songs that showcase their blend of ambient textures, crushing riffs and pounding drums. This past weekend we shared a bill at The Pyramid Scheme, and seeing his rig in action shows Eilers’ attention to detail as routes a guitar and bass signal out of one instrument, a customized-9 string guitar, into two stacks of amp heads and cabs while Jensen rounds out the stage setup with his drum kit. You can feel the thunder behind each riff and beat as you sink deep into the enveloping sounds on this album. The peaks and valleys on each track highlight great moments on journey, rewarding the listener for time spent checking out their album. The group has had an amazing first year as a project, and I encourage you to check them out at the Tip Top Deluxe with Crooked Heart on Feb 10th, which you can find details for here.

Highlights: "The Road", "Amphibious", "The Lion and The Meteor"

Dutcher Snedeker


Grand Rapids, MI